Faith, Poetry

Empires rise, at our command
The earth groans, a dying scream
The heavy weight of our consumerist waste
Destruction in our wake
The poor stumble beneath the fists of the commands of the rich
Nation goes against nation, at our command
The bombs fall, at our command
Babies ripped from life, at our command

Love and hate spar for first place
The ever-increasing great divide
Trapped behind the bars of pride
Humanities cracks are wide
Broken pieces of life lay scattered
Selfish desire winning over selfless sacrifice

I do not stand in judgment
I stand among the judged
Who can save us from this web we’ve spun?
None are innocent
We each own at least a stroke in this disaster we’ve created

Nothing has come from the power we’ve taken
From the pedestal we’ve placed ourselves on
The loud chorus of me, me, me
We all want to be served and not serve
I was not born to have power over you
You were not born to stand above me
A great man understands humility

A cross for humanity
A saving grace
Truth to be chosen
A hand to hold when strength is faded
A power to look beyond ourselves
A love that breaks our prison cells

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