I’m Different

You might not understand who I am, but you understand I am human
I bleed just like you when people hate me
When they look at who God made me and decide I’m faulty
They take my love and make it sound dirty

There are things in life that hurt me
Like the look in peoples eyes that says “you’re not worthy”
What am I not worthy of?…
Certainly your bigotry!
Not deserving of your hatred, you don’t even know me!

You profess all these things, but in the quietness of your home
Where no one is to hear you go on and on
Out of your heart flows all the ignorant truth about things you don’t know
You don’t understand, I get it.
You’re confused and afraid that my very existence is a contaminant
You think me standing here and professing my heart is somehow going to tear society apart

I’m different.
On a different page, from a different book.
But you don’t dare to read me
How could you, when just the cover scares you?

You stand there staring, lost in your incomprehension
And I’m standing here waiting, willing you to pay attention
To have a conversation that could open up your heart
But you cannot even open your mouth to begin
I’m just too different for you to let me in
Let me in to your friendship, your sense of humour, your deep love and all your worthwhile endeavours
Because I’m sure that behind your fear is a person that bleeds, just like I do, when people judge you

But I’ll never know whilst you stand there judging me
Cold eyes that see only an enemy
Until you realise that humans are not all meant to be the same
Shaped in so many ways, frighteningly, beautifully complex
And it’s this very complexity, this crazy puzzle called humanity, that only works if you’re willing to connect with me!


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