The Line

Faith, Poetry

We’ll stone you with our words
Drag you out to shame you, encircle and provoke you
Form a ring around you as we toss our words of condemnation up in the air
Feeling their weight, wondering just how to aim them
or Head?
Just waiting for you to reveal your weakness

There is only one who can reveal brokenness to those who are blind to it
Only one with the right or authority to help us overcome it
If you can zone out the shouts of the manic religious
You may just hear the granules of sand shifting beneath the weight of protection
Protection from the misguided mob, struggling under their weight of perfection

A line was drawn, a silent ultimatum, to toss away our self righteous convictions
Toss away our stones that call for heads
Toss away our words whose scars have created worse wounds than death
Toss away our attitudes that shut out the lost
Toss away our hatred that mars His image in us

Instead we stand shame faced in the light of our hypocrisy
The man that we love drew a line in the sand and we did not choose the side where He stands

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