You cannot have a fling with freedom
It requires all of you, there is no walking away
It calls down the generations from blood stained crosses and blood stained offices
It cries from battle fields and hospitals
It reaches out to hearts that oppose hate
It bandies no flattering words, it does not manipulate
It tells you straight
Following me will cost you everything

Stand up and they will stand against you
Lie down and they will trample over you
Speak out and they will shoot you
Show love and they will throw it back at you
Sometimes there are fights that only end one way
But never, never in vain

Every grave that tenderly embraces the warriors of the ages knows that there rest the world changers
So let not fear strike your weary hearts
It’s no small thing to join the ranks of the willing, to sign up for the fight
But blessed are the peacemakers, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven

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