Days With You


My days with you are like watching a meadow of flowers bloom
Each little flower bursts up like a new word bursting from your sweet little mouth
But of course flowers don’t burst, it just appears that way sometimes, as if they’ve just appeared out of nowhere
But really I’ve been watching closely, the gentle unfurling of stalk and leaves and petals…

Like your curiosity, the way you play with sounds until it pops out all formed and I can only gaze at you
The miracle that, each day, leaves me breathless

In speechless awe, I watch as bit by bit you reveal yourself to me, as if heaven drips down on you and I can see all that is divine

In the way your giggles slip from your throat or the way your eyes search mine or the way your little arms reach up and around my neck and you rest your head upon my shoulder and I’ve never known such trust

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